About Us

Computer Exchange started as a retail IT store in 1986 and developed its rent and hire business soon after. Today it is the chosen destination for more than a thousand loyal customers across Kolkata for their rental or purchasing requirements. Around 85% of our retail consumers have come to us through the recommendation of our old customers. The rental division caters to more than 500 organizations to fulfil their IT infrastructure needs.

  • Location

  • Store:
    24 Park Street, Kolkata: 700016
    Axis Mall, 3rd floor, Rajarhat, Kolkata
    Corporate Office:
    75C Park Street, Kolkata: 700016
    Branch Office (Pune):
    102 May Fair Court, Nachiket Park,
    Dr. Pai Marg, Baner, Pune: 411 045

  • Contact Us

    (033) 4017-8000, (91) 98362-84444
    Corporate Office:
    (033) 4073-2560, 4005-6396,
    (033) 6450-2101, 6450-2102
    (91) 98309-51013